Posted on May 27, 2013

Boeing 787 Dreamliner – Back In The Air

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of the latest and more technological advance aircraft built today. Along with this the Dreamliner has had its shares of setbacks over the past year. It even reached to a point where the FAA grounded the aircraft on January 16, 2012 due to numerous battery and electrical issues.1-7-12_JAL787_APU_Battery

The issues started back in July of 2012, when during a preflight test; a part within one of the engines broke off within the engine compartment. The company ordered a full inspection of all Dreamliner engines; the FAA was notified of this incident and almost grounded the aircraft back then. Another incident occurred on December 4, 2012, when a United Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in New Orleans after it experienced electrical problems. On December 13, Qatar Airways grounded one of their 787’s due to the same electrical problem.

The problems continued in 2013, when a Japanese 787 at Boston Logan had a battery component explode in the auxiliary power system. Then the very next day at the same airport a 787 had a reported fuel leak and had to postpone its takeoff. The following next 10 days saw various electrical problems, brake issues, and continue fuel leaks within the 787 models. Finally, on January 16, 2013 the FAA decided to issue an immediate halt of all 787 Dreamliner flights. They mandated that the Boeing Company review all the incidents and develop a course of action to fix these issues.

Over the past two months the Boeing Company developed a rigorous fix action to address all the problems that the 787 has experienced. The company devoted thousands of hours testing and implementation of different battery and electrical systems. It was reported that they were developing the fix problem even before the FAA decided to ground the aircraft. Finally, over the past few weeks they are installing a new auxiliary power unit batteries and protective casing which will minimize the impact of any other battery issues. The formal fix plan was submitted to the FAA and was approved and the federal official intends to lift the ground order for the 787 fleet soon.
The FAA will conduct an extensive review of every part in the aircraft before they certify the aircraft as safe to fly. If all goes well and the new fix actions are implemented as proposed, then the Dreamliner 787 should be back in the skies in the near future.

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