Posted on Oct 17, 2012

The Dreamliner

As the newest edition to the Boeing family, the Dreamliner exceeds all expectations. With its advanced technology and state of the art interior features, the name Dreamliner is more than fitting. By taking the gaps in overall airline construction and combining them with passenger requests, Boeing has exceeded all expectations with the Dreamliner.

One of the Dreamliner’s most notable features is its ground breaking technology. The liner is built of approximately fifty percent composite materials, which make up its primary structure. With all the emphasis on the environment and how companies can improve to be “green”, the Dreamliner focuses on maintaining a green standard by reducing its fuel use with new and improved engine technology, which according to Boeing has made a two-generation jump. According to Boeing, the Dreamliner will use up to twenty percent less fuel. The Dreamliner will have two engines designed by General Electric and Rolls-Royce. For passengers and crew, they can be assured the aircraft is in top notch condition when they fly. The planes all feature self-monitoring systems that will alert the crew when maintenance is due. For a plane that is priding itself on being “simple” these advancements are more than one could expect.

Passengers on the Dreamliner are also able to enjoy a new take on the traditional airplane. Boeing is taking the average airplane and creating an environment in which travelers will be treated to comfort instead of feeling cramped and uncomfortable. Some of the new features will include larger lavatories, improved storage bins and windows in which passengers can adjust the tinting. Specialized noise-reducing chevrons will also create a quieter environment for those on the craft. Bowing also realized a need for an aircraft more accessible to those with mobility restrictions and therefor designed the Dreamliner with limited mobility in mind, creating the aircraft to accommodate those with special needs. According to a report from ANA (Air Nippon Airways) nine out of ten passengers stated that the aircraft exceeded their expectations. Among the favorites of passengers, the larger windows received positive reviews. Passengers are enjoying the benefits of the larger space as well.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is breaking technological barriers with its excessive improvements. From a technology standpoint, the Dreamliner is alone in its class and at the same time is able to exceed its passenger’s expectations.

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